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Walter White is a sativa dominant hybrid variety created by Mephisto Genetics, a cross between The White (whose origin is unknown) and an unknown autoflower sativa. This is a very potent strain, with THC levels found between 15 and 21%, and with flavours described as citrus and creamy. With effects commonly described as uplifting and energizing, this strain is often used to help with depression for pain and stress relief.


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2 reviews for Walter White

  1. Booker

    Great strain for happiness without a ton of body. Really great at calming the mind for a sativa dominant, no paranoid thoughts just good vibes.

    Excellent value. Nice sized nugs, great smell (smells like walter white should, but with a bit more of an earthy planty subtlety to it), very light ash. Cure is good, on the drier side but the buds aren’t dry.

  2. Robert Dee

    Really excellent taste and smell. Really delicious. I’m very impressed, great high too!

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